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Founded by Dr. Tyffani, Dr. Strong, and Tamara Winfrey-Harris, Centering Sisters is an organization that centers the needs of Black women, girls, and femmes in its work.

Pre-pandemic, Centering Sisters led discussions on intergenerational communication between Black women and girls and hosted a retreat for Black women in social justice. During the pandemic, Centering Sisters has pivoted and has provided a biweekly space to discuss issues that matter to Black women, girls, and femmes, from an unapologetically Black women-centered framework. 

In the upcoming year, Centering Sisters will continue to produce its podcast while also returning to identifying and expanding its work in areas of workshops, written works, and retreats.

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Centering Sistes videocast is

Centering Sisters' videocast/podcast is  available on Youtube,  Facebook, Google Podcast, and Spotify @Centering Sisters

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