Dr. Tyffani Dent


Dr. Tyffani Monford Dent is a licensed psychologist. She has served as a consultant and  trainer under various federal and state grants. In addition, Dr. Dent has been appointed to various state and county committees focused on those within the juvenile justice system. Dr. Dent  provides mental health trainings and has served as a panelist at conferences focused on culturally-informed mental health services, gender-responsive treatment, the school-to-prison pipeline and black girls, educating black girls in white spaces, intersectionality and social justice work throughout the United States. She has been featured on local and national news programs addressing the importance of emotional wellness in Black communities, mental health in times of national crisis, and the school-to-prison pipeline’s impact on Black Girls.

Dr. Dent is the Owner of Monford Dent Consulting & Psychological Services, LLC through which she provides ongoing mental health consultation and assessments. In 2020, she co-founded Centering Sisters, LLC, an organization dedicated to projects that center the needs of Black Women, Girls, and Femmes.


Dr. Dent is the author of three books: Girls Got Issues: A Woman’s Guide to Self-discovery & Healing ,  You Got This! A Girl’s Guide to Growing Up, and Black Girl: Unapologetically and the co-author of two others: Becoming Who I Want to Be: A Good Lives Workbook for Young Women and its accompanying Counselor’s Edition.   Dr. Dent’s primary area of interests are sexual violence prevention and intervention on the continuum, the role of intersectionality in the lives of black and brown girls/women, and culturally-informed work with those within the juvenile justice system.

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Books By Dr. Dent

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Dr. Tyffani is a nationally-recognized presenter on topics related to intersectionality in sexual violence and mental health work, gender-responsive treatment, sexual violence on the continuum, racial trauma and Black Lives, radical healing and social justice, and empowering women through emotional wellness work. 



  • Social/Racial Justice from a Mental Health Framework

  • Culturally-informed Mental Health Services

  • Emotional Wellness for Black Women, Girls, & Femmes

  • Work with Children/Adolescents Who Have Caused Sexual Harm

  • Survivor-Centered Treatment

  • Professional Development for Mental Health Professionals

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What Others Are Saying About Dr. Tyffani Dent

Dr. Satira Streeter Corbitt

Executive Director, Ascensions Psychological Services, Inc.

“For over 20 years Dr. Dent has served as an advocate for those who have been under-served and improperly served. She has also taught and molded hundreds of clinicians so that they can work with the same passion and knowledge needed to make a true impact on individuals, communities, and policy. Dr. Dent’s writings, workshops, evaluations, and individual work will continue to make a tremendous impact for years to come.”

Evelyn T. Rivera, Ph.D., M.P.A., Bilingual Clinical Psychologist & Holistic Wellness Consultant

“Dr. Dent is innovative, inspiring and has a passion to help minority communities.  

She has a God-given talent to present in front of people from all walks of life and has the heart to match her commitment to making this world a better place.  I highly recommend her as a trainer”.

David S. Prescott, LICSW, Editor Safer Society Press

Many people will never know just how consistently brave Tyffani is, and the people she helps the most will never know to thank her because they won’t have been hurt. It always amazes me how Tyffani never seeks the spotlight for herself. Rather, every day compels her to speak her wisdom as well as the truth.“

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